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Trends for 2018-Keeping up

Change is inevitable, but boy, things are now changing so fast.

1. Diversity- buzz word of 2018, including people of colour, disability, LGTB, women and now we add....people over 65. Research has found that having a varied age group brings harmony. We are social beings and we need to mix.

2. Data. We did not think that anyone would find what we were talking about or looking for on line to be important, but those amazing algorithms can infer our voting and saving habits, our opinions on social issues etc and we should not give away our information too freely. When something is free, you are the product. The Data Protection policies are very useful and will allow you to control all those emails coming in to your feed or your social media.

3. Artificial Intelligence. It has happened. A.I. has overtaken the human brain and is now trying to learn empathy while many humans appear to be losing it. Many professions will become obsolete because, quite frankly, these highly intelligent computers will diagnose your illnesses quicker, be better able to prescribe the latest drugs at the most efficient dose and will monitor your every move 24 hours a day. So, bye bye doctors. They will also monitor your finances because they will keep an eye on the markets. They will be able to monitor your household appliances,transport system and your performance at work. Ahhh.

4. Exercise at home. Gyms, full of people with headphones, grunting and sweating are over. Instead, tune in to your favourite on line trainer. Do cross training. In the comfort of your own home, at the time of your choosing and for as long or as little as you wish. They will of course monitor and give feedback. I will compile a list.

5. Connecting, or rather not connecting, has been recognised as the common factor in depression, sleep deprivation, worry, stress, hysteria, illness and loneliness. We need family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. As we age, we lose all of these but it is important to get out there and stay connected. These new connections do not need to be your soul mates, but they can make life funnier, more interesting. Older people are signing up for volunteering and dating agencies, just to make new connections. It is also important to have connections across the diversity spectrum.

And why not get an interesting part time job, in a place where your experience and wisdom are appreciated? Contact

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