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Mind yourself. 12 Affirmations to be ok


  1. All is well in my world

  2. No matter what is happening, I am safe

  3. Things do not need to be perfect in order for me to be ok

  4. Even though I may be stressed, worried, anxious, disconnected, all is well

  5. I choose to feel a sense off calm in my body and mind

  6. I give my brain, body and heart permission to relax

  7. I trust that I have the strength within me and the resources from the universe to cope

  8. Whatever comes my way, I choose to respond with grace and strength

  9. Everything is working out in my favour. I notice the positives

  10. I can relax, knowing that no matter what, everything is going to be ok

  11. I manifest health, wealth, and well being, .

  12. All works out in its own perfect time, in its own perfect way, for the greater good of all

  13. All this I can manifest in an easy and relaxed way, in a healthy and positive manner

  14. I awake pain free after a restful ,regenerative sleep, ready to contribute to the world and enjoy a comfortable, pleasant life, surrounded by people who love me.

  1. All is well in my world.


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