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Modern Insomniacs.

Moral crisis kept the ancients awake, otherwise, , unless employed as a lookout, they had a good night;s sleep.! Shakespeare told us: Sleep that knts up the ravelled sleeve of care.' And he was right.

We are not just lying there snoring gently. No. Our wonderful bodies are busy clearing away the detritus of the day, sloshing fluid around the brain . cleansing the intestines, putting whatever we had learnt that day into the long term memory and disposing of the traumas and bringing perspective The magnetic fields are aligning with the Earth. Our muscles are resting. Cortisone is regulating our nervous system. hopefully, by our preparations for sleep, we have given our bodies the optimum conditions for regenerating and resting.

Modern sports psychology know that scheduling rest is as important as putting in. intensive exercise

Many medical professionals are frustrated by the amount of people with avoidable diseases. Inflammation is a major enemy. Unfortunately, modern life is actually killing us. The scientists and doctors, learning about infections, bacteria, viruses et all, and using a ton of pharmacuticals had stretched life expectancy, way past what our forefathers experienced. However, despite the improvement in daily comfort, we have grown away from the Earth. and are riddled with chronic, long term disease.

Our forefathers worshipped the sun, not because they thought it was pretty, but because sunshine is vital to a healthy life. We have made sunshine an enemy, slathering on the sunblock, full of chemicals.. An effective method of torture is to put prisoners in a windowless room, with the electric light continuously on. People become disorientated and start to weaken., physically and mentally. The reason is that we are cut off from the circadion rhythm, by which the sun regulates, not only us, but the plants, animals, insects on the planet. Yet we have a strange relationship with the sun. It is considered fine to lie outside in blistering sunshine, covered in sunscreen. This is considered a holiday.. Mad dogs and English men come to mind.

Some sunshine is good. Too much of anything is bad.

We are wired to follow the sun. The sun should regulate our day. If we have a well regulated day, then , the chances of a good night's sleep are higher. In fact, we could nearly say, that our day begins by going to bed. .

Sleeping, Diet, Exercise, control of your emotions, a purpose in life, good relationships. all need to be kept in balance. When we wake up after a good night's sleep, we are better prepared to face the world.

Lack of sleep is associated with sub-function of the body, poor cognitive function, and physical balance, poor co-ordination, When we are tired, we are quick to lose control of the emotions, and quick to fall into depression. .

Our bodies are highly sophisticated and finely tuned. We have evolved with great precision.

Start the day well. Seemingly it is important to rise early and get that beautiful blue light of the early morning. WE eet this by going outside and turning our faces to the sun. Have a brisk walk. Out around the garden is fine. This blue light wakens the body and prepares it for the day. It gets the bodily functions going so we need to go to the bathroom. Our intestines start moving and send out the message that we are hungry, Our muscles have been strengthened and our grip is surer, Our abiloity to make clear decisions is sharper. . Include a few stretches in the walkj. And then on to breakfast. Delay that coffee until you are half way through the morning. Natural daylight has a huge i pact on us and many of our problems are caused by living in artificial light. That corner office is good for you. Artificial light not only does not have the wide wace bands of natural light but it also lacks heat. Even if the heat is low , like in Winter, our bodies respond to the heat. . Again in the evening, the waning light is a signal to stop work and prepare for bed. We should eat at sunset. We really should leave a couple of hours for the body to digest the food before retiring.

We need to embrace the dark.

LIght pollution is not only having a detrimental effect on plants, insects and the poor confused birds, but it is also destroying us. I was told to sunbathe my children for 10 minutes every morning. We know we are vitamin D deficient in Ireland, but there is no point in throwing down artifical vitamin D if we never go outside, because our bodies will just pass it through. Instead, we should help our bodies to make vitamin D by exposing our skin to gentle sunshine. . This also produces cortisol.

We really should stop all screen time a few hours before bed. Phones and computers and wifi boosters should not be in the bedroom. Have a comfortable bed, fresh bed-clothes, nice pjs. Maybe do a crossword or read and then turn out the light, have the room in total darkness and go asleep.



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