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Make Work, Work

As with all ill winds, the present setback has thrown up a lot of possibilities, especially for older people.

We are now being recognised as the experienced, thoughtful, balanced people we are!

Bamks, who hitherto avaoided their older customers, are now actively seeking them out, offering loans that you do not have to pay back, until your heirs try to sell it and find a relatively modest loan has mustroomed, thanks to compound interest, into half the house.

There is a surplus of cash around at simple interest. Always pay back some. Keep ahead of the interest, so that the original sum is being slowly paid back.

The Lockdown was bad for humans. We are sociable beings, who are interested and curious about the world we live in. We need to be out and about. For younger people, it was horrific, as all their favourite activities-chatting, mixing, dancing, singing-not to mention all the sports and cultural events, were slammed shut and they were left alone with their devices. I heard one group of 13 year olds, sadly exclaim that though they never appreciated them at the time, they missed doing tests!

The 25-35 year olds could not go out and meet possible life partners. They were expected to be content to buy rubbish on Amazon and have it delivered in huge cardboard boxes. That excitement wore off pretty quickly.

But the biggest changes are happening in the world of work.

People have had time to think and reflect. They have also managed to save some money.

It has become clear, that life is short and wasting it is unforgivable. We only have the one shot.

The Great Resignations has begun, with many people unwilling to go back to the workplace, sit in traffic for hours each day or stick at the same job. Recruitment agencies are being contacted by companies looking to fill in these positions and there are positions available across the board.

Many foreigners who had returned home during the lockdown, have discovered an improved economic environment and they now have more skills, which are in demand at home.. They are also appalled at the memory of the sky high rent they were paying and consider that a waste of money. Instead, they are building houses or doing up properties. The Germans have targeted the Poles and Latvians, offering them accommodation, jobs, free education for their children, language courses, upskilling, because these people are qualified, adaptable, responsible and ambitious. While their degree may be in IT or Economics, they can also put up shelves, speak a few languages and enjoy visiting museums and places of historical interest.

The Hospitality sector is missing chefs, waiters, managers, purchasing agents. In fact the whole Supply Chain is in need of new people. When we were encouraged to Think Global, many companies started importing goods from across the globe. Now, with the implications for our climate, Buying Local has come back. But of course, many of the manufacturing plants have closed down years ago.

A great disadvantage of long distance working (working from home), is that the relationships grow weaker. It is easier to resign, change, depart.

What does this mean for the older, semi retired person?

It means that your skills are now sought after. Doing a job competently, keeping your opinions to yourself, adapting to others, being willing to lend a hand and/or show the ropes to new, younger workers are needed. You also have that elusive quality: experience. Always useful to have a quiet, attentive ear, at a meeting, who will give an analysis, write a report after the event.

One thing is for sure. You will get a better reception from Recruitment Agencies than you would have 3 years ago.

I suggest drawing up a list of jobs you would be prepared to do. Add your skills. If you do not wish to travel, add in a defined geographical area. Add the number of hours/day you wish to work.

Remember, this is not a continuation of your career. This is an added pleasure to your work life.

The benefits for you are that you will meet new people, learn new skills, use your existing skills and maybe even get paid.

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