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Keeping a Daily Journal

While they are in the shops, go buy a lovely notebook and turn it into your own powerhouse, performing journal. Research is coming through that having clear goals, writing them down and taking steps to achieve them, can have a huge positive impact on how you live your daily life.

1.Leave the first 5 pages free for adding positive quotes later on. Make this notebook a pleasure. Carry it around and add thoughts and goals, all the time. If the cover is not very interesting, make a new one. Change the cover, every now and then.

2. Starting on page 6, write down , in no particular order, goals you want to reach in the next 12 months or less. Write them in the present tense. eg I am now....I have now.../.

Leave 2 pages, so that you can add new goals as they spring to mind.

3. Turning over to a fresh new page , write in large handwriting:

I am now living the life of my dreams. It is a joy to wake up each morning. My body is pain free and I am full of energy and ideas. I enjoy implementing my ideas, knowing that they are making my life richer, easier, more interesting and that I am using my talents to make not only myself and my family, but also my community/work-space a kinder place.

All this, I achieve, in an easy and relaxed manner and in a healthy and positive way.

4. Now choose the most important 5 goals from your list. Don't be afraid to dream big.

I work in a wonderful job, that pays well. uses my talents, appreciates my work and brings me in contact with wonderful people.

I have total control of my finances and manage, in an easy and relaxed way and in a healthy and positive manner, to live a good live, within my means and still have money to enjoy my life.

I allow my body to heal from within. I listen to my body and prefer to live in a healthy way, taking appropriate exercise and eating nourishing food. I thank my body for all the work it does for me each day.

5. Skip forward about 20 pages and taking a few moments: note all the things you have in your life for which you are grateful. Decide to fill in 3 things each evening that went well during the day. Include little successes . pleasant experiences, acts of kindness.

6. When ever you come across an uplifting quote or story, write it in your journal, in those first few pages. When these are full, start a new section, 10 pages from the back.

7. Instead of glancing at your phone, reread these.

8. Your 5 main goals have been written out in large writing at the top of a single page.

Tasking a few moments, sit with a cup of tea/glass of water and write down 5 steps that you can take to achieve these goals, as you tick off what you have done, add the next step. Congratulate yourself on each step.

9. Decide to do a couple of steps for each goal, every day and mark them off. When you take a big step forward , add that to your gratitude list at the back. If you do not manage it, decide to prioritize that step for some day during the next week.

10.Do something positive everyday and be amazed at how much progress you make, but also at how easy it was, once you got started.

Have fun


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