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It's a Gut Feeling

Modern medicine makes new discoveries almost every week. Or rediscover what was common knowledge 2000 years ago. The Greeks and the Romans recognised the importance of the gut/digestive system in regulating not just the body but the mind. In fact the ancient way of considering the human person as a combination of physical. emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements that must be kept in balance is now coming back into consideration. The over reliance on chemicals in the 20th century has added greatly to longevity, but it may also be a strong contributor to the high number of chronically ill people.

The gut is not just a tube funnelling food through the body.

Instead, once it is alerted to the idea of being fed, it prepares the digestive tract to receive the food. It whets the appetite, adds saliva to the mouth and eagerly anticipates the feast. The food is broken down by the teeth, mixed with saliva and starts its passage through the stomach and on through the small and large intestines, all the time, extracting what nutrients are needed and distributing them to the body. These nutrients deliver energy, strengthens the immune system, balances the amazing bacterial system or Microbiome, which is a world in itself, fights infection and injury, sends out healing, regulates the barrier between the gut wall and the bloodstream. It also counter balances inflammation.

A healthy gut literally keeps the show on the road and balances the hormone levels and maintains healthy Cognitive function.. When we are hungry, we focus on our hunger and become 'hangry', whiney and start complaining. After a heavy meal, our body tells us it is occupied in digesting this food by making us sleepy.

Inflammation has been found to weaken the whole body. It is the base for many illnesses. Doctors do not know how to measure inflammation in the body. They also have little idea about how to rebalance the body and remove the inflammation.

Inflammation is a vital signal to us that something is wrong.

Inflammation can also be aggravated by shock, injury or trauma.

This is why when people are shocked, they instinctively hold their stomachs. When people hear bad or disturbing news, they say, 'I feel sick in my stomach. Small children when upset, talk about upset stomachs.

That is why the 'Gut Feeling' is so important and should not be ignored.

As we age, our bodily functions are not as efficient as they once were, so it is very important to mind our gut. Cut back on sugar and processed foods.

Cut back on the amount you eat, you really do not need all of it.

Walking in the fresh air helps the system to regulate itself.

Do not be continually snacking. give your gut a rest. .

Do not ignore either constipation or diarrhea

Be kind to your digestive system. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and whole foods.

Eat a bit slower

Drink water before a meal and during it. A glass of wine is fine.

Monitor how you feel after different foods. Some people have a reaction to white flour/bread, others find drinking milk raises the mucous level in their system..

Most importantly, if you have a gut feeling that you should or should not do something...Follow it.


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