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Food is Medicine

We have become a society that throws all sorts of rubbish down out throats and do not realise that what we eat has a profound effect on how our skin, hair, internal organs and mind works. Having researched how much medication we all take, how much processed food, how much salt, cheap sugar, manufactured fats is in our daily intake of food, it is no wonder that chronic disease, obesity, anxiety, debilitating fatigue, sleeplessness and anger have become common place.

The evening news is full of violence, crime and general nastiness.

However, it does not have to be like that because we have very sophisticated brains, which continue to function and we can take reasonable decisions to eat a reasonable diet.

Good, nutritious food is available.

If we give our body a chance, it will not only self regulate but also heal any weaknesses before these weaknesses have a chance to become chronic diseases and in some cases, even where chronic disease has become established, it can be reversed by changing the diet. The body needs to be fed, exercised and allowed to rest. It needs a diversity of nutrients.

Indeed, many of the unhealthy foods are convenient, but put against the pains and aches and lack of mobility that result from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mental illnesses, etc, taking care to buy good food and preparing it carefully is not so bad.

Food should: stifle hunger pangs and make us feel nicely full.It should allow the body to function at a high level. It should provide energy. It should encourage the production of new cells, strengthen bones, encourage the flow of energy throughout the body, remove any blocks. It should move freely through the body and not cause constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, stomach pain etc. It should maintain health while at the same time prevent disease. And most importantly, eating is a pleasure. Sitting eating with other people is one of the ways we socialise and relax. Our food should look tasty, smell delicious and we should be able to eat in a relaxed ambiance. Eating with the fingers is actually good for you. The overbite developed after people started using forks in Europe and chop sticks in China. Little babies should be encouraged to reach out and pick up easily eaten food. Much better than shoving plastic spoons full of mush into their mouths.

Be careful of experts. these are the people who pushed margarine instead of butter, low fat, sugar laden processed foods instead of natural products.

How on earth have companies like Coca Cola, 7up, cheap hamburger chains , cheap sweets and crisp companies to become world wide, successful money makers?

If we are eating correct food, then we should not need supplements. Only a small % of illnesses are uniquely triggered by DNA. Most are a combination of weakened systems and poor living conditions and poor food.

What constitutes good food? Heavy on fruit and vegetables, grown in a healthy environment with as little spraying as possible, lean meat,( organic if possible, but certainly raised outdoors) low sodium, low sugar, dairy from grass fed animals and a selection of carbohydrates. Cooking these ingredients carefully, eating in a pleasant environment, with other people, enables the body to digest the food easily.

Counting calories is not a solution. The low calorie diet, washed down with diet drinks has produced so many chronically ill people . Some of the Healthy Eating programmes now being test run in the United States have cut hospitalisation by up to 70%.

Health Services are beginning to realise that a Healthy Eating programme is more than cost effective. It transforms lives. Try it. Put variety and colour on your plate. Diversify.


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