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Connection is Everything

Making connections, feeling connected, using your connections gives not only a sense of purpose and usefulness, but also spurs us on to take some exercise, eat more healthily, engage in outside activities, have a go at something new, but also recent research shows that those who are connected have more resilience and FEEL LESS PAIN.

This does not mean that they do not feel pain, but when faced with a painful experience, whether emotional or physical, they are able to cope better and can dismiss it easier.

Pain is a very useful tool in indicating when something is wrong, but those who feel isolated, from family, friends, community feel pain more deeply and it can dominate their lives. See previous Blog on Pluri-Pharmacy.

So, taking this very useful information on board, we, in the Blackrock Business Network have decided to run a Blackrock Connect Morning. 10:00-12;30

Please come along, on Friday, February 28th, 2020, and enjoy a walk in the park, where we will experience the part through our 5 senses! How could you miss that?

We will meet outside the Dart station at 10:00.

Or,again at 10:00, head up to the BFEI, and if you arrive on time, you might receive a manicure from the students, studying Beauty Therapy. You will get a cup of tea/coffee and can have a chat.

Then at 11:-00, we will all get together in the Breffni pub on the main street. Here, you buy your own tea/coffee/water and you can play board games, have a chat and be entertained by the Blackrock Ukelele Group and hear about the highly successful Men's Shed. All will be completed at 12:30 with a draw, among those present, for a Pampering Session in Aidan FitzGeralds.

The idea is that we can get together, chat, get to know each other and also get to know Blackrock. The building for the BFEI has been beautifully restored and is well worth a visit. Blackrock Park is a wonderful park, under-utilised and maybe over used by over zealous -cyclists, I have nearly been run over myself several times.

there are beautiful trees, a small lake and a bans stand simply calling out to be used.

Hope to see you there. Mary


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