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Climate will force change

If someone told me that the world is actually turning faster, which makes the clocks turn faster and the year pass faster, I would not be surprised because by my reckoning we should only be in October now.

Life has flown by. When I consider all the changes that have occurred in my lifetime, it is mind boggling. I started to write using a slate and chalk. Very prehistoric. We had little dusters, were thrilled to use blue and pink chalk and drew flowers and animals beside our sentences. We had a good scrub on Saturday, arrived at mass spotless and then wore our weekday clothes all week. We were never given out to for dirtying out clothes.

My mother's claim that we were put out at 7:00 am , even when we were babies, might be a bit of a stretch, especially in Winter, but we were outside a lot.

A crunchie on Sunday was all the sweets we got. I gave up sugar in m,y tea when I was 7 and never went back. Our food was plain, mainly boiled or grilled.

And here we are in 2020, sending emails, chatting on mobile phones, heat regulated by a timer,, wardrobes full of clothes, food from all over the globe. Babies are weaned on sweet potato and avocado. Food bought in portion size plastic containers .and suddenly we are living, not in an idyllic landscape, but in a toxic, tension filled world.

Poor diet, no exercise, inhalation of fumes, ingestion of chemicals are putting an end to children living longer than their parents. Anxiety, addiction, depression , exploitation and suicide, add to the poor quality of life and general malaise. The rich, instead of being happy, insist on squeezing more and more from the masses, while throwing a few bob to philanthropic organisations. These charities have shown themselves to be suspect with irregular accounting practices and incredible work benefits for their directors.

Virtue signalling is rampant.. Here is me sharing my pennies with the poor. Here is me smiling with a deprived person.

The earth is being gouged to extract anything of value. The supposed green electric car is made with short life batteries, using rare minerals that are mined by poorly paid workers, including children. Slavery is alive and well and operating throughout the world.

Chemicals are sprayed/poured on the earth to improve yields while at the same time draining massive toxic off flow into the rivers and lakes and killing everything.

Forests that have taken millions of years to form and are home to millions of types of flora and fauna are being bulldozed to make room for intense chemical farming.

Huge, subsidised fishing vessels dredge the sea with miles of fine net, catch everything, pick a small quantity for sale, grind up a lot for fish/bone meal and thrown the rest, dead, back into the sea. The fish have not got a chance. The stocks are diminishing, but that does not stop them. At night, parts of the sea around Ireland are like Grafton street, it is so crowded with lit up fishing vessels.

And then we have Greta Thunberg. She delivers a stark, correct and clear message.

The world is in crisis.Something must be done. We are destroying the only planet we have.

The reaction of a large number of people, especially males is astonishing. Instead of reacting to the message, they attack the messenger. If the messenger had been a botoxed, lip plumped, breast enhanced news reader ( from any of the channels) they would have been fine.

Future generations will look back at this and wonder how we were so enthralled with money, a rising tide lifts all boats approach to economics, a total lack of accountability and a childish belief that is we dumped stuff in the sea/river/lake.cave/land fill/Indonesia/ China, all would be well. It would all disappear.

They will also laugh at how women considered that these procedures made them more attractive- a bit how we laugh at the bewigged, gowned judges.

So, it is the change in our climate that will force us to change how we live.

We will all have to adapt/change/rethink.

Things are not looking so great at the moment, but thanks to Greta, we are slowly having to face up to our fate.

Personally, I think we can do it


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