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Christmas ideas

Some complain that Christmas has become too commercial, Others that we import a load of tat that is in landfill within 12 months-all those festive decorations, wrapping and jumpers made of 100% polyester. These will last for 1000 years. Succeeding generations will wonder what we found so great about the many incarnations of plastic.

But we can make a positive difference. Of course, we could be making a difference all throughout the year, but Christmas concentrates the mind. Without too much expense, we could invite a person living alone, in for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. We could call by an older person and see if we could give a hand in collecting fallen leaves-a major cause of falls with sometimes broken shoulders/knees/legs and hips. We could drop in a few cans or packets of soup on a cold day to a neighbour who looks under pressure. 'I saw these and thought they might be useful. 'Or a small Christmas decoration.

Smiling, they say, costs nothing but we have to be a little bit careful. Parents do not like random strangers coming up and smiling at their children..Maybe, smiling on the luas is not such a good idea. But, when interacting with a shop assistant, receptionist, cashier or bus driver or postman, a warm smile can brighten their day.

The great thing about December is that the various tv channels make an effort with their programmes. This is a great chance to see classic films you may have missed or relook at some old favourites and realise how good they are.

Play festive music in the house. while it can be very annoying when played on a loop in a shop, in your own house, it can encourage you to take a quick skip around the kitchen.

Try not to sit too long in one position, which is difficult , now that the nippy weather has arrived. Get up and have a few stretches. March up and down the stairs, stretch up to get stuff out of cupboards. Use a couple of cans instead of weights to do a few arm exercises..

If someone stops by for a chat, keep the conversation light. Avoid going into a rant.

( I know at the moment , there is loads to legitimately rant about, but resist )

Keep keys , wrapped presents,,purse etc out of sight of windows and doors.

Happy Christmas


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