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You can watch your diet, think about taking exercise, sign up for a course, but the most important thing to do, post retirement is stay connected. When you are connected, you have a purpose and it is easier to keep to that diet, ( all the research shows that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest, including the glass of wine,) take the exercise and join in activities, even if they are not exactly your cup of tea.

On February 28, we Gathered in Blackrock, and made connections with new people and existing groups. The Men's Shed and garden of Blackrock are very dynamic and have managed to get a site, secure funding and their new shed will be installed in the next few weeks. Their membership is growing. The Blackrock Ukelele Group, (BUG) started in September with 8 members and now have nearly 60 and more members show up every week. . Diarmuid McAree of Crann, gave a wonderful talk in Blackrock Park. He told us that if a scientist came up with some programme that fulfills all the functions of a tree, they would win the Nobel Prize for Physics. All the time, we are polluting our planet, the trees are quietly cleaning things up,usin, consuming the CO2, Expelling Oxygen, providing a habitat for birds and insects and even some animals, maintaining itself, growing, keeping connected to its surroundings, adapting to the climate and being beautiful. The students of Beauty Therapy , in the Blackrock Further Education Institute demonstrated their skills and gave free manicures to men and women. A well manicures hand is elegant.. The BFEI also kindly provided tea, coffee and biscuits. More biscuits were served up by the welcoming, friendly staff of the Breffni.

There we had another few talks, by Allan from the Men's Shed, our local community garda, Gemma, , who was keen to emphasise that the gardai are there and ready to help if people need help filling out forms and small repairs to their houses. Be careful who you let in to your house and make sure you have agreed a price BEFORE they start working. Keep your eyes on them-LIKE A HAWK> The ukelele players, led by the great Paddy . , polayed a terrific selection of tunes and well known songs.

Mary O'Leary of the BUGs won a 100 euro Pampering Session from Aidan FitzGerald Hairdressers.

The morning was so successful. that we have decided to hold another.

Watch this space.


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