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Add Healthy Years to your Life.

Walking may be one of the powerful, effective and efficient 'medicines' available '

and is even more effective if done outside) and out you go.

Sitting may be as harmful as smoking, especially, if you stay in the same room for long stretches. Open all the windows daily, even for a short time.

Permission has now been given to allow all those who are not contagious, to go outside.

In fact, when a cool look is taken to present circumstances, shutting people up. young or old, will be found to have been counter-productive.

The Harvard Medical School is undertaking research all the time and has come up with the following results of doing a daily 30 minute walk. .

  • It lowers risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes

  • It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Keeps the memory sharp

  • Improves the digestive system by encouraging it to function

  • Improves overall healing system within the body, by bringing balance

  • Fills the lungs with fresh oxygen, which invigorates the blood

  • Improves the mood by encouraging the body to stamp out irritations and annoyances

  • Distracts the mind from the repetitive thought tracks that circulate in brain

  • Encourages you to notice small things on your walk-a flower, a cloud, the sun.

  • It improves your balance

To be even more effective, it is recommended to wear good, comfortable walking /running shoes, loose, comfortable, natural fabric clothing, no ear-phones.

If sunny, wear a hat and sun glasses.

Be aware of your surroundings, but alert to loose stones/dog poo/things you might trip over.

Don't look down at your feet or lean forward, as you are almost putting yourself up for a fall. Instead focus 10/12 feet in front of you.

If you feel out of breath, take a breather, Enjoy the fresh air, the view. It is not a race.

There is no competition. Just by doing this, you are a winner..

After the walk, have a stretch and get a glass of water. Absolutely no need to go out clutching a water bottle, but do have a drink on your return. Of water. haha.,


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