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We are always in change, in flux.Check in.

While on the one hand, both ourselves and our worlds are constantly in change and flux, the speed that these work at, varies. The seconds change immediately, the years slower. If we do not take time to examine where we are at, then we are dominated by change, But the great secret is that we can have a certain amount of control over how these changes affect us. Retirement is a huge change. Our routine, status, income, financial security and purpose are thrown up in the air.

Using this time to clear out all the bad habits, re-introduce dropped interests and best of all deciding to take a new path is a wonderful opportunity. We can reinvent ourselves. Tired of being Mark from Insurance or Jane in accounts admin, become whatever you have always wanted to be. Yes, it is a great opportunity to get a few jobs around the house fixed up and there are classes now coming up in September in DIY, but reach out and have a go at what you have always had in the back of your mind.

Be honest about your limitations, but think about what makes you happy and decide to take a step that will bring this into your life.

If you are not quite sure what you really want and what the possibilities are, keep a notebook handy and write down whenever you feel happy, stressed, frustrated,, angry or content. Take a few moments during the day to 'check-in' to your self and make a note, then, after a few days , go back over your notes and see a pattern.

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