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Thank you. Exciting times

Thank you very much for signing up to Getting There.

Getting There has managed to get selected for boot camp for the

Academy for Social Entrepreneurs.

We are down to the last 30. Only 15 will be selected to take part in the wonderful academy programme. This would be exactly what we need to bring Getting There forward in 2019.

We do have a p[an B, but with your help, we might just make it through.

If you know anyone who would sign up as members, it makes my case stronger for boot camp. Over to you.

On a more useful note, it was suggested to me by one of our members, James Scott-Lennon, that I should tell you all about the savings that can be had by going on

This is the time of the year when we look at our insurance/utility companies/phone/tv/internet.

Go on to and see what they recommend as the best price. you can then either phone your company and tell them what the others are offering and see what they will come up with, or just change.

I changed to Panda Power and will save 350 euro a year. Just by ringing my provider, Virgin, they reduced my bill by 30% for 6 months. It will go back up in 6 months but only have a 12 month contract. I am saving 180 euros.

Jobs wise, 2 companies looking for accountants. And one all purpose Office Administrator looking for a position.

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