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Eating and Inflammation

Not only are most of our illnesses aggravated by our diet, but there is a huge upsurge in articles warning people about the increase in cancers and other chronic illnesses in our pets and diet has a lot to do with it. Those nuggets and tinned food are lethal.

So many of our illnesses start with inflammation and it makes sense that a body weakened by trying to counter inflammation might develop heart problems, cancers, arthritis, lung disease, indigestion, chronic fatigue and the list goes on.

Sugar is the main culprit,followed by processed fats, but most processed foods are difficult for us to digest which is why the animal nuggets are doing the animals so much harm.

So who are the good guys?

Fruit and vegetables, either raw or lightly cooked are the business. The idea is to increase foods which are high in nutrition or antioxidants. Bell peppers come out high. Pasta tossed in roasted peppers, garlic, olive oil and a dash of chilli with a splash of lemon is delicious served with a fresh green salad. Pears, sliced and served with cheese and walnuts are a great snack in the afternoon. Mackerel, roasted in own juices and lightly seasoned served with lightly wilted spinach, tossed in fried curry paste and tomato and then a dollop of natural yoghurt, makes a great lunch. Seemingly tea is great and coffee, in moderation., is fine.

The best way to start the day is a bowl of porridge, replacing the sugar with honey, cinnamon or sultanas. This lines the intestines and improves bowel function, which is why it is so good for lowering cholesterol.

GettingThere is getting about and there is lots of interest in companies in finding the right person who might like to give a hand. It is complicated because it seems to be that working part time is the best option and even working part of that time at home. However, some would like to get involved in a project or short term event. Staying connected, meeting new people and learning new things are the main motivators.

For anyone who is looking for someone or any of you who would like to do something, please contact me at

Hopefully April will follow the pattern of coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb because it has been a long, hard, damp, cold Winter.

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