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Thinking of a holiday? Slow down

Different people like doing different things during their holidays. That is self evident. However, remember how we used to wonder at the Americans and Germans who managed to see the Book of Kells, the Giant's Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher, the ring of Kerry, Clonmacnoise and Connemara...all in one weekend. 'I have done Ireland.' they would proudly announce.

We have become a bit like that ourselves now, passing from one site to another, taking a photo and moving on whether it is a photo of our lunch or a stunning view. Things are changing and now with greater flexibility, people are looking for an experience rather than just ticking off from a list.

Instead of dashing up the Eiffel tower in Paris, there is a great view across Paris from the roof of Printemps store...and it is free. Likewise, there is an amazing view of Rome from the coffee shop of the Capitoline museum- Forum, Colosseum and Victor Emmanuel building included. These are not crowded and you can have lunch or coffee.

With all the guides and travel blogs, more and more people are being encouraged to go off the beaten track and discover a wonderful little beach/a tiny restaurant/an amazing rented villa. By playing round with what you are seeing, you can also manage your budget better and spend on what will give the best experience. Sometimes, (sometimes) taking an ordinary bus can be cheaper and more fun than going on an expensive tour bus. Sometimes, hiring a taxi for the day can bring lots of extra experiences and work out the same as going with a group.

But this is also an opportunity for those of you with time on your hands and wanting to earn some money for your own holidays-AirBNB trips. The key word here is trips.

Lots of people are making lots of money from renting out rooms in their houses on Air BNB, but some of us are not too keen to get in to the bed and breakfast business. AirBNB trips is a wonderful solution. All you have to do is list what your interests are and offer a morning or afternoon tour of your local area. There are lots of offers to do the U2 tour in Dublin and there are lots of fans who are only too thrilled to do this. The average price on the site is 40 euro per person per tour, but you can set your own price. The easy part is that the people prebook and pay through AirBNB trips, so you never have to discuss money or get bartered down. So for all of you History, Arts, Best Pubs, Rural landscape, Life on a Farm, Georgian Ireland, Favourite Museums experts, here is an opportunity to share your passion and earn a few bob towards your holiday.

Just saying.. I am thinking of trying it myself.

The latest research on health is not so good. The research shows that each of us

has a few things wrong. Often we do not realise that there is anything wrong. Autopsies on road traffic victims often show up multiple health issues, but the person died in a car crash.

People are getting less enthusiastic about doing the full health check up because the results invariably show up something that needs medication.

And therin is the problem. Western medicine has been pushing drugs with gay abandon. Not a care in the world about how all these chemicals interact with each other. My father was diagnosed with high cholesterol and was put on medication and Blue Band, which was a new sort of margarine, which is the worst thing for cholesterol. He hated 'that bloody blue band'. But the 'experts' were adamant.

It is now accepted that while anti-depression drugs have their place, they are not the answer.

So we go back to

Eat local Eat small portions Chew your food . Exercise by taking a walk, small jog. Breathe deeply every now and then. Laugh. Meet up with family and friends. Sleep in a comfortable bed.

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