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Retirees being wooed back to work

Come back! We need you.

According to various articles appearing in the American press, and they are always a bit ahead of us, American companies are now reconsidering their attitude to older experienced workers who have reached retirement age.

Many people want to retire. They want to enjoy some quality time, take a few trips, spend time with the family, take up new pursuits, but they also enjoy being still involved. Companies are recognising this and offering reduced hours, temporary, part time work. Sounds a bit like GettingThere.

According to Art Koff, founder of Retired Brains, a site for the older person in the US, retailers are hiring huge numbers of retired workers for the Holiday Season as they find them reliable, know the ropes, do not need training and are good decision makers. Because this is temporary work, they add incentives like discounts so that not only do they get the sales, but the workers get to buy their presents at a reduced rate. Win win all round.

Some of the employers are so thrilled at how this arrangement is working out , that they are encouraging many of these workers to stay on. UPS in the United States employs over 440,000 employees and needs an extra 100,000 during peak periods. They value their' Alumni', because they are already familiar with the culture, policies and procedures and expectations of the company.

Technology is also opening new avenues.

This allows people to work from home at whatever rate they choose.

What sort of work can they do?

Data processing,

Customer service- by phone, email or social media.

Proof reading


Maintenance of Social Media sites

Virtual Personal Assistant

Blog/newsletter writing

However, a word of caution. Many of the websites offering this sort of work are full on scams. Do not give personal information about yourself, Do not pay for training or kits. Under no circumstance give out credit card numbers.

On a happier note

Forbes magazine is forecasting a surge in the Stockmarket. Wish someone would come along and compensate us for all the money we lost with our pension funds/bank and telecom shares. Alas!

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