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12 ways we are stronger as we age

How to become a strong oak tree.

There are advantages to ageing! I know! You are surprised!

Once you hit 40 you care less what other people think because you have more confidence in your own ability to judge a situation. Well, here is the secret. Once you go past 65, you get worse. Despite all the scare stories about dementia, in our 60s and 70s we are wiser, calmer, more experienced, better able to cope with pain, failure, upsets, better able to cheer other people's successes and more used to not getting our own way.

Here is a list of ways we improve as we age.

1. . We can turn the page. Move on. Get over it. We know it is no use reminding people we played for our county or won an award. We live in the present because the present is precious.

2. We embrace change, because we recognise that we have to.

3. We appreciate the small things and are actively grateful for anything else

4. We watch the grumbling because we know no-one wants to hear about it.

5. We value being kind and fair.

6. We are unafraid to speak our minds when pushed.

7. We are willing to admit mistakes and wise enough to learn from them

8.. We know we fail at a few things everyday, so we have learnt to get back up and try again.

9.We have staying power. We can keep at it until we get it right.

10. We positively enjoy other's successes. Fair Play to them..

11. We have learnt to tolerate discomfort. We know the stone in the sock strengthens us

12.. We do not give away our personal power. We know better... from experience.


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