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Playdates for Grannies

We have seen the fraught social life of the under 5s. The under 13s are going non stop with maybe Friday off. but now that the over 65s are becoming more plentiful and in better health, will our children/minders be looking for playdates for us?.

Oh, well you might laugh, but a few people have already asked me if I would be organising such a thing. They would like to be able to bring their Grannie.Grandad along to something fun, non patronising, where while there would be a central activity, there would also be an opportunity to chat,, do a bit of exercise, , make a few jokes....

So what would you suggest?

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes or Rory Gallagher

A nice bedtime story or The best of the Voodoo Vampires

Dress with a warm rug or leather jackets

A talk on how to write your will or Tips for travelling in Mongolia

How to talk to your doctor or how to speak Innuit

Let's have your suggestions

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