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Eat, Sleep, Breathe & Exercise


We are all ageing. It is inevitable.

However, what we would like to do is age dynamically and gracefully. Which is not that difficult to do.

There are 4 secret paths.

1. Breathe correctly and deeply and often

2. Sleep soundly and deeply and often

3. Eat healthy food in adequate quantity at meal times. Do not graze.snack all day and night. Keep portions small to medium.

4. Exercise in an easy and natural way, making sure that you are getting air into your system and that you are working all your muscles. Use moderation. Exercise consciously. there is little point in jogging along a road, breathing in all the fumes of the traffic while listening to rubbish on your iPad. It has been found that we get more out of exercise if we exercise consciously. In fact we get more out of everything if we are conscious and aware. This is often referred to as mindfulness.

Mindfulness has become a panacea to everything but what is means is that we pay attendion to what we are doing. If we are washing the dishes, then we concentrate on the dishes and washing them to the very best of our ability. If we try and do everything to the best of our ability, we get into a rhythm of acceptance and understanding. We lower conflict.

If we take care about these 4 things, we create a wonderful world for our bodies and souls to thrive.

If of course, we throw food full of cheap fats, sugar and chemicals, sprayed with pesticides, fungicides and antibiotics, should we wonder if this food is not doing us any good. Good food does not need to be expensive. It also does not need to be imported form exotic climes where slaves are forced to work in dreadful conditions so that you can throw blueberries on your cereal or into a mixer. If you cannot eat 4 oranges, then it is logical that your body cannot digest the juice of 4 oranges, especially if handfuls of kale, and whatever else is lying around the supermarket, are thrown in too. Often the make up of these juices/blends/smoothies is too harsh for our stomachs.

As we use mindfulness to concentrate on how we live our daily lives, we find that using this allows us to treat others with dignity, calmness and understanding. We find ourselves proceeding about our business in an easy and relaxed manner and in a healthy and positive way, until living like this becomes our preferred state. We overcome obstacles, we solve problems, wee manage situations.

Living this way enables us to fully engage ion pour daily lives, feel we have control over our own experiences and we become healthier and more stable. As we experience less stress, we become stronger. It has been found that doing these things well can help people to live a healthier life and more importantly , to avoid illnesses, both mental and physical. Sttress has been found to be a prime cause of many illnesses.

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