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Wow! Learning about Social Media

On January 12th, despite the flu and winter weather which felled a few, 9 of us got together in Head Office to find out about Social Media and if we, too, could master the various apps and platforms. And, the reality is that managing these sites is not too complicated and even we, could manage to upload photos, write blogs etc.

The seminar was facilitated by Emma Herrera, who had l.lots of information for us and helped us to master new skills

From the research coming through, it appears that these platforms have dominated not only how many people keep up with current affairs, but also how many companies find new customers and stay in contact with their existing ones. What is striking is that the amount of information passing through many of these platform per week, exceeds the total amount of information accessed by a person in the 19th century during their whole life.

We are in a blizzard of information: some relevant, some funny, some nasty and some vital to our lives. New medical breakthroughs are being made almost weekly. Investment advice changes according to whoever is giving it. Window cleaners, dentists, pension advisors, carers, AirBnB, taxis drivers, pop stars, comics, make up advisors etc find their clients and communicate through You tube,( which is the #2 means of accessing current affairs), Facebook, Whatsap, snapchat, instagram ,Linkedin,

Google does not give access to the full internet but to special sites chosen by its amazing algorithms and keeps this information to guide your future searches. If the site does not have a clear way of seeing how it makes money, the chances are that the product is YOU!

We held the seminar in Head Office, set up by Vivienne Bradley which can accommodate hot desks, meetings, seminars, professional development . there is also a special room for making blogs which ensures that the quality of sound is perfect. Blogs are the easy way to communicate. The popularity of TED talks and various bloggers attests to that.

Here in Gettingthere, we need new members. Given that there is almost no unemployment, getting skilled, reliable people is becoming more difficult and many businesses are very interested in the concept of employing, on a part time basis, a retired, experienced, reliable, bright, pleasant person. For you, you get to experience a new place, meet new people, learn new skills, as many of the businesses are willing to upskill the right person. You can choose your hours and conditions. By keeping to the average industrial wage, you will maintain your pension and benefits.

Please communicate this to your friends and acquaintences. Could you also go into Facebook and visit the GettingThere page and give it a like. From what I can see, this is going to be one way of increrasing the membership. If you have other suggestions, please communicate with me at One suggestion received was to loiter around LIdl. Think I might give that a miss

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