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Are we overstressing the present day workforce?

Ireland is stressed. We are no longer the happy little land where people had time to chat, have a pint, watch a match, take a stroll. Instead people rush from one activity to another. It is ironic the number of people who wake early to meditate. Go late to the gym. Sleep is the best remedy we have.. But the Nation is awake.

Is today's workplace full of snowflakes? Well, yes and no.

The stress, tension and strain of constantly striving to reach unattainable goals takes its toll. The age profile of the great technological companies is deliberately kept low. Speak to some unsuspecting middle aged people who have worked diligently, carefully, honestly and to the best of their ability and are called in, invited to take redundancy and head out the door..They may have teen age children, a mortgage and ambitions! But out they must go. Oh, and by the way, we wish you the best.

There is a car park in Sunny California, near the Tech companies, full of turfed out people, ashamed to go back to their families and say they have been let go and sitting in their cars, frantically trying to find the Next Big Thing..

The time has come for some new thinking.

The recently retired, who are delighted to retire and leave the rat race, still have something to contribute.

We could bring a sense of fairness, experience, wisdom, wit and might even be able to help out.. We have learnt a few things along the way. We will not be taking responsibility. Nor will we be taking jobs, promotions from those already in the workforce. Instead, we will give a hand.

Payment will be by the hour and the hours worked will be agreed between both parties. .

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