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New Beginnings.Exciting continuations

This is a new phase of our lives. As in all the other parts of our lives, we have no idea how long it is going to last, but what we do know is that we are moving towards an inevitable exit. I am a bit tired of these trite references to a 'Journey', but it works here.

How we manage this period of our lives is up to ourselves, as going by how older people are referred to,in the modern Western world it is not very flattering say the least.

I will be writing further on this theme on future blogs

A good piece of advice I received was:

Mary, you are retiring for yourself.

We do not want to exchange one type of living for more of the same. Instead, the purpose of this site is to start re-imagining how we can best live a full, engaging, comfortable, stressfree, interesting, healthy, even a little bit wealthy and satisfying life.

Instead, having weathered the various storms an experiences of life, we have managed to get to retirement.

Different people want different things. that is the joy of being human and living in a democracy.

However, Bridge, golf and drinking coffee are not a big draw for me. Nothing wrong with any of these but they will never be the main purpose of my day.

Instead, I want to continue learning and experiencing new activities.

If I can earn a few euro on the way, all the better.

These blogs and newsletters will be updated regularly.

If you feel that you have something positive, helpful, amusing, enchanting or newsworthy to add , please email me at

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