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Getting There is merely a conduit. It is non-political, This is not a place for extremism, offensive or inappropriate language, sexual innuendo or ranting. We reserve the right to refuse membership.For those who find part-time positions through our postings, the contract is between the parties themselves. Getting There cannot be responsible for things beyond our control We merely put people in contact with each other. All our members have life experience and are capable of making their own decisions, 


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Getting There is for the recently and not also recently retired. Would you like to continue to contribute, make a difference, use your skills and talents? Many businesses are looking for exactly the skills and experience that you have to offer. Many of these are Start Ups and so cannot pay full market rate. If you wish to continue with a full time job, then it is better to contact an employment agency.

However, if you would like a part time job, then stick with us. 

( Getting There is NOT an employment agency. )

We merely put people in contact with each other. Subscribing to Getting There is free. But better still, become a member, which is free too and let us know how you see your retirement progressing. 

Looking forward to hearing from you at mary@gettingthere.ie