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Hi, I am Mary Boissel, recently retired teacher and now MD of Getting There., I am well traveled in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and the USA.. I have had lots of jobs in the Media, Education and the Hospitality Industry in many countries. I love variety, history, philosophy, psychology, gardening, reading, politics, music, drama, film, current affairs and chatting. I have a passion for the Ancient World of the Greeks and the Romans..I speak French, passable German, some Italian. and smatterings of Russian and Arabic..Join me in making The Third Age the best part of our lives

Retiring can be great but moving into full-time retirement takes adjusting. We are still active,interested and enjoy participating in life. Getting There provides a bridge between full time working and full time retirement. But in a different job/area/company, because when you leave, you leave.

We realise that we must move over and allow other people to run the show. 


However, we do have skills that could be useful to today’s workplace, which has become tense, goal orientated and not very people friendly.. Why not allow us to use the skills accumulated over a lifetime to give a hand in the workplace when needed?

Getting there can provide temporary / part-time help in the workplace. Both parties accept that this is a temporary arrangement and treat each other with respect.


Continuing your contribution

There are lots of occasions when having an experienced, reliable person on site will just make life easier all round. This person will not be trying to take your job. 


Maybe for some companies, it would be helpful to have an older, Getting There person open the office, check the post, go through the emails and allow the full time person to arrive in 1 hour later? Start ups might like to have a retired experienced business man come in once a week to brainstorm?


Some companies might find that at certain times of the day they are very busy, eg a who needs someone to help out with preparation just for 2 hours a day? An employee might fall ill or be absent for a few days?


Small businesses might like to take a few days off and just need someone there to keep the show on the road? This therefore is in no way a challenge to existing employees. 


Many of life’s hiccups could be eased through cooperating with the wonderful members of Getting There. 



To join Getting There as an individual is free.  This can be done here,


For companies, please contact email below to discuss best arrangement. for your situation.

Both the employer and employee will get a chance to rate each other  to enable both parties build a profile. for future opportunities. Both parties should be comfortable with the arrangements.


What is important to emphasise is the temporary nature of the agreement. 



What is in it
for us?


We get to go out and about, do and see new things, use the many skills we have picked up over a lifetime, top up our pensions, meet new people and even learn new skills. We will have a purpose. 

How will the system work?


For individuals, Getting There will list companies that have positions available and their contact details


For companies, Getting There will list people available for work and their contact details


These can then make contact with each other.

Besides the job listings, Getting There will send out monthly newsletters talking about issues that are of interest to the recently retired: pensions, health, exercise, promotions, theatre /Cinema reviews. Tips on how to prepare for an interview etc.


Members will be encouraged to contribute to these. There will be no direct product/ commercial promotion. 


However, there will also be a section where members can exchange services: help with filling out forms Vs light gardening. General house repairs Vs computer skills.  We might even have an items for sale space .

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