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It's a Ceangal! A tangle, a mish mash, a mess!


We have been through a lot. We have been incredibly patient while the world and his mother insisted on telling us what to do, and increasingly, what not to do. But, no matter what way we look at it, we are in a much more precarious position now than we were in, this time last year. There is no point in blaming anyone because this virus appeared out of nowhere, No one is owning it, No-one recognises it and more importantly, no=one seems to know what to do with it.

Will we always have to take a vaccine? How often? Who is making it? How are they making it?

Does anyone know an effective treatment? What are the long term effects of the virus? of the vaccine?

We pick up little bits of information on the highways and byways.

Take Vitamin D. It is great. The Asthma drugs stop the virus in its tracks. .

I looked up the HSE website to prepare myself for the worst should I, against the odds, get the virus.

I had thought it might give advice on how mush or little aspirin to take. Which cough medicine was best. ?

Should it be one that calms the cough or one that encourages the expelling of mucus?

Alas! The only advice was: Call your doctor.

Meanwhile the doctors were saying: Stay at home. Rest Recuperate. Ssssssssssstsy 2 metres apart. Isolate in your bedroom. Do not mix with other people. Do not let people come to your house.

Wash your hands. Wash your hands Wash your hands

The reality is that , of the number of people who test positive for Covid19, ., only a small percentage go to hospital. I wanted to be one of the people who stay at home.

What food should I keep in my freezer? On TV when they show Covid patients, they are never eating.

Do they ever eat? What could they eat? Are the nurses too exhausted to bring them food? Or a cup of tea?

So, I laid in my supplies. Cough mixture, aspirin, Vicks, soothing throat lozengers, In the freezer vegetables, slices of bread, chicken breasts, In the store cupboard, tins of salmon, Bovril, stock cubes. .

Then the best bit of all. On the HSE site, there is no information whatsoever, No recommendations.

The worst bit was

This site will be updated in 2023.

Sure, I could be dead by then.


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