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Is Ireland Friendly?

Chatting to a group of students nearing the end of their studies in Ireland, I was taken aback when one of them mentioned the 'Culture Shock' that they had to adapt to, here in Ireland. On further discussion it emerged that while they had great praise for the overall quality of their education, they had found adapting to Ireland quite difficult. Irish people might be surprised at this. Sure, don't we pride ourselves on being the island of the 100.000 welcomes. Seemingly, the reality is different.

Top of the list was the general unfriendliness of Irish people.

1. Very few had even been inside an Irish home-The Irish do not invite you to their homes.

2. Very few had made Irish friends

3. Irish people do not say hello. They are on their phones or wearing earphones.

4. Many of them had been congratulated on their English , though English is the official language of their country.

5. They were taken aback at the amount of coarse and vulgar language, used for everyday occurances.

6. Many did not go into Dublin city centre after 4 o'clock because of the large numbers of people either drunk or high.

7. They were surprised at the high level of alcohol and drug usage.

8. They were amazed at how much spitting takes place in public places

9. They mentioned the high amount of racist remarks, usually accompanied by name calling and vulgar language.

10 On a good note, a few of them noted the 'Welcome back' or Welcome home' they received in Airport when returning from holidays.


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