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Just 1 hour of exercise a week is enough!

October 6, 2017

Every week Time magazine brings out its latest edition. It also has a very good on line service. It is constantly being added to , so as soon as something happens, one of Time's writers does an informative piece for the site. However, I have noticed that in listing the articles in the magazine, the first item is usually Health/Lifestyle. 

Obviously, this is what concerns most of its readers. 

This week they quote a study which shows that as little as 1 hour a week of exercise is enough to stave off depression, keep the heart ticking and much more. 

So get out there: do brisk walking, a turn in the gym, a round of golf , light yoga or hunt up those Jane Fonda workouts. Just get moving. Breathe deeply. Break out in a sweat. 

And stay happy.





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