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Getting There is merely a conduit. It is non-political, This is not a place for extremism, offensive or inappropriate language, sexual innuendo or ranting. We reserve the right to refuse membership.For those who find part-time positions through our postings, the contract is between the parties themselves. Getting There cannot be responsible for things beyond our control We merely put people in contact with each other. All our members have life experience and are capable of making their own decisions, 


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Wow! Finding out about Social Media.

Despite the dreaded flu and the winter weather, 9 of us got together in Head Office, Blackrock to look into which Social Media are suitable for us and how could we use them.

Emma Herrera facilitated the seminar and we looked at the impact of Social media and ended up able to upload photos and videos and knowing where to find information..

Head Office is run by Vivienne Bradley who has designed this beautiful space which can be adapted to suit meetings, seminars, talks and professional development events. There is also a special room expressly set up for blogs-the new way of communicating!

Over coffee and chat, we discovered that we could manage these various platforms.

Communicating the message to a wider audience is part of the challenge for GettingThere. Please come and seethe Getting there face book page and if each of you could pass it on to 5 others, we could grow our membership list and do more exciting stuff

We are only going to be as good as our members. Because there is almost full employment, businesses are very interested in working with GettingThere.

All we need are people who would like to try something new, something different, meet new people, learn new skills and even get paid.