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Getting There is merely a conduit. It is non-political, This is not a place for extremism, offensive or inappropriate language, sexual innuendo or ranting. We reserve the right to refuse membership.For those who find part-time positions through our postings, the contract is between the parties themselves. Getting There cannot be responsible for things beyond our control We merely put people in contact with each other. All our members have life experience and are capable of making their own decisions, 


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The Elephant in the Room

The lessons have been stark, which is why we have not been able to move on from the recession. #1. Impossible to rely on anyone/system/corporation/political party/ profession/ police. Never assume.

#2. The people who write the copy/mission statements/advertisements have nothing to do with the decision makers who run the countries/businesses/make the products.

#3.Despite thinking we are independent decision makers, we are constantly being manipulated and groomed.

#4. We live with information overload, which enables the gross exploitation of the small print of ‘terms and conditions’.

#5. Anxiety, Depression, Collapse of our auto immune systems, drug and alcohol dependency, Burn out have all increased.

#6. Personal happiness comes from appreciating and enjoying the small pleasures of life. Take the time , they are there.

#7. Taking the time and effort to help others, in a kind and useful way, makes the world a better place for us all.

#8. Half an hour, out in the fresh air is better than 1 hour in a gym.

#9. Eating healthy food is worth paying a little more and spending the time preparing it. #10. The false idols of celebrity, fame, wealth , appearance have been shown to be hollow. . Future generations will laugh at the cosmetic surgery, shoes, banal platitudes, life styles which were held up to us as something to strive for.