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Getting There is merely a conduit. It is non-political, This is not a place for extremism, offensive or inappropriate language, sexual innuendo or ranting. We reserve the right to refuse membership.For those who find part-time positions through our postings, the contract is between the parties themselves. Getting There cannot be responsible for things beyond our control We merely put people in contact with each other. All our members have life experience and are capable of making their own decisions, 


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Opportunity to make a difference.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland is looking for a number of people to join this organisation which encourages entrepreneurs, who have a social aspect to their business. The Social entrepreneurs Academy, run in both Dublin and Galway, takes 30 potential businesses, over an 8 week programmes and encourages them to develop their ideas and businesses.

Currently, they are looking for

1. Development Manager. Key person, managing the leading sales process

2. Communications Manager:Reporting to CEO, develops brand and builds awareness

3. Supporter Relations Executive: Reporting to Dev Manager. manages relationships.

4. Community Executive: Supporting the social entrepreneurs community

5. Programmes Assistant: Grad position. Offers training.

For further information, contact mary@gettingthere or www.sei.ie

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