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Leadership Courses? Why now?

Our individual brain is the most advanced cognitive functioning entity in the known world. Not just the brains of Stephen Hawking or Picasso or Michaelangelo, but the average brain of the average person. Our society no longer values the average, yet it is the solid average person who pays taxes, goes to work, raises a family, sings a song and gives a non reward seeking helping hand that keeps society functioning and keeps us all stable.

The aim of education for the Greeks/Stoics was to learn to lead a virtuous life. Sounds quaint now but Christianity continued this idea and along the way got diverted by power. wealth and pleasure. The only way to achieve happiness, for the Stoics, is through living a virtuous life. Virtue seeks no rewards and the emotions are not to be trusted.

Today all debate is emotion based. Social media influences the outcome of elections and referenda by manipu[ating the emotions. Marketing is a clever way of creating a need by exploiting our emotions.

Where does that leave the average person with this extraordinary brain? The brain does not stop in the head. Our stomachs are linked to our brains as are our fore fingers which is why when we write holding a pen, we remember better than when we type with our thumbs. We point at things that interest us or disgust us. Our gut feeling is one of our most intuitive gifts but today we prefer to disregard our roaring stomachs and opt for whatever the prevailing wind is blowing in our direction.

Wake up! Use your brain.