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It really is Beauty Sleep

For those who cut back on their sleep and rise to go to the gym ay 5 in the morning-

Stay in Bed.

Scientists have been studying sleep for centuries now and it is quite amazing that we are even still in existence because hail, rain, snow, war, winter, parties whatever, after about 16 hours of being up and about, we need to sleep.

While we are sleeping, our wonderful bodies, which we do not half appreciate, are busy cleaning up all the mess we have created in our bodies and in our minds.

Physically, the blood can circulate more freely because we are not walking around and brings fresh oxygen to every part of our body, gathering up impurities, healing wounds and generally restoring order, without any intervention from us.

The skin exfoliates itself during the night, shedding old, dried cells and allowing new, fresh skin to form. this happens much faster at night than in the day. While we are getting the zzzds, our skin is healing any damage, deals with pollution, cuts, infections and sun exposure. The pollution and infections are expelled via sweating, which we do more of at night and why it is important to wear cotton pyjamas. Also to have the skin clean.

Likewise, the increased oxygen in the brain calms our thoughts, puts our experiences into perspective, allows solutions to problems to float into out consciousness, stores important information in the long term memory.

On waking, a quick shower completes the exfoliation and washes away the sweats and impurities and leaves us refreshed as we face another day.