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Brexit? No Problem

When the UK leaves the EU, many European towns will be seeking closer ties with Ireland because we will be the sole English speaking country in the EU.

This week a delegation from Vincennes came to visit the Blackrock Business Network with a view to forging closer cultural, educational and business ties. Getting there went along to meet them.

Vincennes and Blackrock have lots in common. Both are close to and dominated by the capital city. Both are pretty suburbs and both have ageing populations.

By setting up more state nurseries and primary schools, they have attracted more families to their area. By setting up 'Senior' and "Youth" councils, they have integrated both into the community and often put both of them together to work on projects of mutual interest. One of the pillars of their cooperation with Blackrock ( and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown ) is 'to encourage relationships between seniors'.

Getting There is charmed and intends to find out more.

Why invent the wheel if the French have already worked out a system?